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PhuketBuilding Regulations:

In Accordance with Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (year 2003) - Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning:

VERY Basic and General, there are exceptions and several clauses!!

No known 'official' down-loads of maps available, at the time of writing!

Zoning from Sea in accordance with Department of Natural Resources and Environment

With reference to the above illustration:

:: Zone No. 1:

:: Zone No. 2:

:: Zone No. 3:

:: Zone No. 4:

:: Zone No. 5:

:: Zone No. 6:

:: Zone No. 7:

:: Zone No. 8:

Zoning Map of PhuketZoning in Phuket

In Accordance With Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning:

Color Codes:

Below you will find a short description of the Zoning colors (please note, the colors are different from the Building Regulations):

FYI - For Your Information:

The Maps are dated in accordance with the Thai Buddhist Calendar; and should be revised every five years:

Thai to English (arabic) numbers

Map Symbols:

Below you will find a short description of the Map symbols used:

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