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Just a few words being used within Real Estate, plus a few other day-to-day words..
You might find different spellings, but as people say in Thailand "same, same but different..." or...



Amphoe or AmphurDistrict, in Phuket you have three districts: Kathu, Muang & Thalang.
BaanHome or House.
(Moo) BanVillage.


Land title deed (full), the best available in Thailand.

Accurately surveyed and plotted in relation to a national survey grid and also marked by unique numbered marker posts set in the ground.

Please see Nor Sor 3 & Nor Sor 3 Gor for the next best available land-titles..

FarangForeigner (westerner).
Hong Kin KhaoDining Room (room eating) (see also Hong Tan Khao)
Hong Mae banMaid's Room (quarter)
Hong NamBathroom (room water)
Hong NangSitting Room (room sitting)
Hong NornBedroom (room sleeping)
Hong Rab KhakLiving Room (room welcome guest)
Hong Tam NganOffice (room working)
Hong Tan KhaoDining Room (more polite than Hong Kin Khao)
Klongsmall river or stream.
Ko or KohIsland.
MooSub-sub-district, each sub-district (Tumbon) is divided into several sub-sub-districts.
NganMeasurement = 400 m2
Nor Sor 3Land title deed, the third best available in Thailand next after Nor Sor 3 Gor & Chanote.

The boundaries are only recorded in relation to the neighboring plots and survey errors in length of boundary or area are not unusual.

A 30 days public notice is necessary before any change of status over the land can be registered.

Chanote, Nor Sor 3 Gor & Nor Sor 3 are the only land-titles where registered right of ownership or lease can exist, therefore any land-titles lower than these are not recommended for foreigners.

Nor Sor 3 GorLand title deed, the next best available in Thailand after Chanote.

In general accurately surveyed and each plot is cross referenced to a master survey of the area and a corresponding aerial photograph.

Please see Chanote & Nor Sor 3.

Nor Sor 4 KorLand title deed, the official name for Chanote.
OrBorJorProvincial Administration Organization
OrBorTorSub-district Administration
Phas in Phuket is pronounced as 'P' and not 'F'.
Poo Yai BaanHead of Village.
RaiMeasurement = 1,600 m2
SalaPavilion, gazebo, a place for rest.
Sawasdee Kha / Khrapgreeting, Hello or Goodbye (Kha is said by women, Khrap is said by men).
Sor Kor 1Land-title, entitles the holder to occupy and farm the land. The land must not be sold - it may only be transferred by inheritance.
Sor Por Kor 4-01Land title, intended for poor people and/or farmers only!
Tabien BaanHousehold Registration Document
Thor Tor 3Bank Form, now replaced by "Foreign Exchange Transaction Form" = Highly recommended to get, when transferring money from overseas, for purchase of property in Thailand. This is to make sure the funds can be transferred out of Thailand again, if you later decides to sell your property!
Tom DinLand-fill-up
TumbonSub-district, each district (Amphur) is divided into several sub-districts.
Wah (thalang)Measurement = 4 m2


Soon0 (zero)
Neung1 (one)
Song2 (two)
Sam3 (three)
Si4 (four)
Ha5 (five)
Hok6 (six)
Jet7 (seven)
Paet8 (eight)
Kao9 (nine)
Seep10 (ten)
Seep-Et11 (eleven)
Seep-Song12 (twelve)
Neung San100,000 (one hundred thousand)
Neung Lan1,000,000 (one million)

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